Chiropractor Tools and Equipment

Even though a chiropractor completes a lot of work by hand, a variety of specialized tools are needed to give certain treatment. Chiropractor tools are intended to help in many situations. This may range from providing different treatment methods, measuring the scope of a condition, to determining the success of a treatment method.Chiropractic care relates to diagnosing the cause of the discomfort or pain. It also concerns correcting any misalignment of the skeletal system, with a common area including the spine. A full examination conducted by a chiropractor includes looking for pinched nerves, constricted joints, contracted muscles, and misalignment. A well-rounded professional is certain to offer an all-inclusive treatment approach to make sure the patient is given the best possible care.Some of the major tools and equipment used by the chiropractic practitioner include:Activator Adjusting Instrument – this mallet-shaped instrument is designed to offer low-impact adjustment to various areas of the body, such as a helping to treat misaligned vertebrae.Adjusting Table – A supportive and padded table is a standard piece of equipment in every chiropractor’s place of business. The adjustable table is necessary to offer a reliable work surface for diagnosing and treating the patients.Nervo-Scope / Neurocalometer – A hand-held heat detecting probe like the Nervo-Scope / Neurocalometer is designed to help with detecting subluxations or similar abnormalities in the region of the spine. By placing the probes (also called thermocouples) on each side of the spine, it is possible to determine a difference in temperature for either side.Traction Equipment – By providing the proper traction to the injured area of the body, it is possible for the chiropractor to start releasing pressure build up. This can help with realigning the vertebrae or releasing muscular tension. Traction equipment is available in a range of shapes and sizes to offer a comfortable fit for the patient.X-Ray Machine – An x-ray machine in the chiropractor’s surgery is used in a variety of situations. It is helpful for identifying subluxations, misalignment, and similar issues that relate to abnormalities with the skeletal structure. X-ray machines aren’t a standard piece of equipment, but most surgeries are certain to have access to this high-tech piece of equipment for diagnostic purposes.All in all, by visiting a well established and reputable chiropractor’s surgery, you are certain to be treated with the most up-to-date tools and equipment. This should make sure you receive the best treatment practices possible.